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Bathroom remodeling does not always have to be extensive. Changing a counter, sink and faucet may be all your
bathroom needs for a fresh look.  If you are considering a full bathroom remodel there are exiting new products and
materials that are limited only by your imagination.


" The Heart of the Home" could not be a truer statement. People are spending more time at home with family and friends and the kitchen always seems to be the center of activity. Updating your kitchen will always add value to your home.
There are products and materials to fit all budgets and styles to make your kitchen what "you" want it to be.      


                                                                             Here's a few more PROMRR projects........     

                                                                            Special Services

                            There are more than 40,000 combined dryer vent and chimney fires each year........
                                                          "DON'T BECOME A STATISTIC" 
             Clean your dryer vent & stack at least once a year and your chimney annually depending on usage   

                      We offer full service "Dryer Vent & Stack Cleaning" and "Chimney Cleaning"
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